Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is One Giant Tantrum

This picture basically shows how Catie approaches life these days...  saying "No!" or "NEVER!!!" to everything.

She is the epitome of Jekyl & Hyde... though the nice one unfortunately doesn't surface too often. I'm worried the scowl might get stuck. She throws quite a mean tantrum. I now take back anything I have ever said about her not being determined.

I'm crossing my fingers that at some point she returns to liking sleep... because she is desperately needing more of it! In the meantime, I am getting lots of cuddles because after she rages for a long time she loves to cuddle with me. Being two is hard!

I deal with the overabundance of tantrums by getting a babysitter once in awhile. On Monday Ryan and I ran errands while Andrew was in school and Catie played with the babysitter. It was heavenly!

To combat tantrums and try and tire Catie out, we've also started a family jogging club. We're doing a 30 day work out with your kids challenge on my Toddler Approved blog, so this is one of the ways that we're working out together. Andrew is obsessed with his punch card. Catie is more of a social runner, so we run next to one another holding hands and have fun chatting. I love it. :)

I'm not shy about saying Ryan's my current favorite kid. I think the other two little people would agree. He is huggable and kissable all day long. The second he starts fussing Andrew will drop what he is doing to try and cheer Ryan up. Catie tries too so it is super cute. The only sad thing is when he is overtired and crying and won't smile at Catie and then she gets so sad and says, "Ryan doesn't like me!" and bursts into tears and runs away.

Fortunately that happens very infrequently though, since this kid just keeps himself amused all day long sucking his fingers, giggling, or talking to himself. I'll post more about him next week when he has his 4 month appointment (he turned 4 months yesterday), but we are IN LOVE with him!

Now I just need to post about Andrew's birthday, Ryan's baby blessing, Sophie's baby blessing, and a few other things and then I will finally catch up! Lately I've been falling asleep in front of my computer after eating my big evening bowl of ice cream so I haven't been productive!

One thing I have decided this week is that although I can't control Catie and her crazy tantrums (because I've tried just about everything), I can control my attitude... and the number of dishes in my sink! So, I have done SO MANY dishes in the past 3 weeks. It is nice to do something productive :) 

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Warner said...

I remember those horrible tantrum days with Izzie, thankfully they grow out of the tantrums but I haven't noticed Izzie getting any less dramatic, I chalk it up to her being a girl. :)