Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Shower & Eating My Way Through Utah

A few weekends ago Ryan and I jetted to Utah for a quick three day trip. My mom threw a baby shower for Cat and so we got to join in on the fun!

It feels like a decade ago that we actually went on this trip... but it was actually just a little over two weeks ago. I am very behind on posting pictures.

Here are a gazillion photos from our trip.

Ryan and I flew out around 7pm on a Thursday night and we came back Sunday afternoon. Ryan slept or smiled at me the entire flight. He was an angel.

The line at Thrifty was horrendous at 11pm at night. We waited in line for about an hour. There is a reason why sometimes going with the cheapest company doesn't pay. 

Little dude was a gem. He smiled and smiled and then fell asleep while we waited.

We arrived in Provo around 1 am to a grand welcome from Grandma Julie! We got settled and had an amazing sleep. Little dude slept fabulously and so did I.

Our first day was spent lounging, meeting up with my old roommate Miranda & Elise for food at Blue Lemon, and enjoying an amazing dinner with Uncle Karl, Aunt Wendy, Scott, Cat, Sophie, and my parents at the Riverside Country Club. Yum! We had two sleeping or just very chill babies and no crazy older kiddos with us, so we sat at dinner and chatted for over 2 hours. It was delightful.

We also visited Grandma Julie at work. She showed us all the cool Valentine's Day crafts they've been doing and Ryan smiled at everyone and made friends with all of the seniors and volunteers.

On Saturday morning Grandpa babysat Ryan while my mom and I went running. The weather was crisp and perfect. We had to take off our ear muffs and gloves because we were too hot. Loved it!

Later in the day Ryan and I ran errands and went and visited Kevin's mom. Ryan loved hanging out with Grandma Shari.

Shari & I went to lunch at Kneaders and then ran errands for Cat's baby shower... and grabbed me some treats at Sweet Tooth Fairy too. The Kneaders grilled cheese rivaled the one at Boudin in SF... I will need to try both again very soon. Yum! We also swung by Cafe Rio and got Kevin a burrito that I froze and flew home to him. It was so fun to have Shari as my errand running buddy. We got to chat while we drove around and then I didn't have to drag Ryan into every store either. Hooray! 

After all the errands, I went home and helped my mom put the finishing touches on Cat's baby shower... and then the party started! My mom did an awesome job planning the children's book-inspired shower and every detail was perfect! I took way too many pictures to try and capture the fun of the night!

The awesome hostess

The guests of honor- cat & Baby Sophie

The guys hung out downstairs and came up from time to time for food

After partying hard till late Saturday night, Ryan and I got up early Sunday morning to go to church with my parents. I had forgotten church clothes, so I raided Jessie's closet and put together quite an ensemble. I didn't document it and wore my coat over it :)

After church we headed to the airport to fly home!

We grabbed Cafe Rio for lunch at the airport since we hadn't eaten any yet. I am still craving this quesadilla to this day. I have never seen a quesadilla made with so much cheese- ever. I think the lady used like half a bag of shredded cheese. It was delicious!

We were so full that we slept most of the way home!

We were warmly welcomed by the crazy big kids who exclaimed that they missed us... especially baby Ryan!!

I think this past quick trip to Utah was among the best trips I have ever taken... mostly because it involved lots of time to spend with family and friends and lots of food. I feel like my trips to Utah mostly revolve around food. It is probably good I don't live there. I am counting down till we get to go back. Hopefully once we start our master bedroom and bath remodel we can escape to Utah again for a short trip. 

Thanks as always to my mom and dad for being amazing hosts! 

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