Monday, February 18, 2013

Anniversary dinner in SF

For our anniversary celebration, I got to go to dinner in SF with two of my favorite dates- Kevin & Ryan. We went to Osha Thai for an early dinner and enjoyed way too much food! 

We started off with appetizers- because you can't skip the Thai samosas or yummy fried spring rolls... and then we ordered our big meals. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs, so we came home with a lot of food... but we ate a lot too!

I had vegetarian yellow curry and pad see ew and Kevin had yellow curry with chicken and pineapple fried rice. Ryan couldn't stop staring at all of the food.

After dinner, we were worried we'd get stuck in traffic, so we hurried home. Since it was a holiday, there ended up not being any traffic... so we managed to drive into SF, park, eat dinner, and get back to our town in less than 3 hours. We made it into SF in 35 minutes. It was pretty amazing. We had the babysitter at our house till 7pm, so we decided to run some errands with our last hour... and we headed to Costco (super romantic)! I think we make it there maybe 1-2 times per year, so it was a treat. We had fun roaming around and exploring and we finally stocked up on a few necessities.

We ended the night with some ice cream sundaes and have deemed this year's celebration a success!! Hopefully I'll be able to roll out of bed in the morning to go running at 6am after all of the food we inhaled!

Catie also got moved into a big girl bed tonight... so hopefully we actually get some sleep! She's already escaped from her room a few times tonight to come visiting. There is never a dull moment around here!

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