Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Crazy Week!

I've been trying to figure out why I can't stay awake once the kids go to bed and keep falling asleep on the couch. As I looked through my pictures from last week I realized why... it was busy and filled with fun (and Catie also didn't make it through a single night without waking up for a few hours so that keep us tired too!)!

Monday was spent sorting and packing up our master bedroom and bathroom... including all of my teacher stuff. It was exhausting! I also went on a nice walk with a friend, did lots of laundry, and we went to the park.

Tuesday was filled with set up for New Beginnings while the kids ran around the church. They were so well behaved that I was shocked. That is not typical when I am trying to help with something. We also went to park day, school, went to a birthday party, and Catie and I managed to squeeze in an ice cream date while Andrew was at his party. In the evening we got home just in time for our babysitter to arrive so that I could run off to New Beginnings.

This is one of the pics I managed to snap at New Beginnings. The treats were delicious!

Once I got home Kevin and I worked from around 9pm to about 1am sorting and then moving stuff out of our master bath and bedroom down to the garage. Every item had to be cleared out and of course we procrastinated till the last minute. It was amazing how much stuff we had fit into those two rooms.

Wednesday was spent watching the guys start working on the remodel.

We also did some color experimenting

I did some preschool projects for my job as curriculum chair and Catie, Ryan, and I went on a lunch date to Chipotle with a friend. 

We spent a lot of time at the park on Wednesday and Thursday and we also ran a lot of errands. I also managed to get out running by myself. We also went to the mall for cookies (Kevin and I's reward for surviving Tuesday and getting everything moved) and did some crafty projects. 

On Friday Andrew had some stomach issues so we spent the day dealing with that and going to the doctor. So glad that is over now. We stuck close to home Friday and played soccer in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline, moved stuff into our big dumpster, and made cookies for the worker guys.

Catie and I also snuck in a little mom and tot craft project while Andrew was playing Legos and Ryan was napping.

On Saturday I had some of the young women in my class over for a pancake breakfast. We worked on personal progress and hung out and had fun chatting. While we did that Kevin took the kiddos on Home Depot errands and then got to work on a few projects around the house once he got back.

Later in the day we took a family trip to Yogurtland for our Saturday adventure.


Once we got home we made dinner (we called Saturday backwards day since we ate dessert first) and Andrew did some of his reading work while we chatted around the table. We also just enjoyed cuddling and smiling at Ryan. Love him.

After the kiddos went to bed I attempted to catch up on some blogging work that I never had time for during the week because Catie didn't nap and we spent so much time moving stuff or being out of the house. After trying to keep myself awake for an hour and continuously falling asleep at my computer I finally just gave up and went to bed!

Looking forward to another fun-filled week ahead (that is hopefully a little less crazy) as we celebrate Kevin's birthday!

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