Friday, August 9, 2013

A Catie Jessie Date in SF

Andrew left for "Grandma Camp" today so I only have the two littlest ones to entertain for the next week. We decide to team up with Jessie for a fun-filled day in Sausalito and San Francisco doing three of our favorite things... eating treats, playing, and running.

We started off the day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum at Fort Baker in Sausalito. The last time Catie went there she was only a few months old... so she mostly slept through the entire visit. This time there were things for both Ryan and Catie to do... so we had a blast!  

I need a padded climbing area like this in my house. Ryan could've stayed in the baby/toddler area all day long.

Catie is a woman on a mission for doing the next thing. Wherever she was, she was ready to do something else... so I felt like we kinda zoomed through several portions of the museum, but we still had a great time!

This is why we invited Jessie along- best aunt/buddy/little sister ever

Ryan was in heaven with all of the places to crawl and things to see and people to visit with.

All the other kids wanted to play with Ryan too... he was so smiley that he made friends everywhere

The Mona Lisa looks a little familiar...

I want windows like these in my house somewhere. Catie had a blast making a giant mess and spraying the wall and cleaning it.

She and Jessie also played with flart (which is what they called it at the museum)? I have never heard it called that before... I think it was actually flubber... but either way, it was super fun to play with. We need to make it again at our house soon!

We missed out on playing much in the outdoor play area because bees were totally attracted to Catie and Jessie in their neon colors and Catie got so freaked out by the bees flying by her that we opted to head indoors. I wish I had a train room at my house as cool as the one there.

Catie also made sure I paid my toll back across the bridge... if only it were $1.50--- ah... the good old days.

After the museum we headed down to the Marina to visit SusieCakes on Chestnut. I was super excited to check out a new-to-me dessert shop. I am very picky about the treats I will sacrifice calories on so had big plans to go and pick the perfect treat... but once we arrived I discovered Ryan finally fell asleep in the car, so Jessie went in and got us treats with Catie while I chilled with Ryan.

Jessie is a dessert expert and picked the perfect treat for me! I was so happy. The chocolate cake was AMAZING and so was the banana pudding and the pink cupcake that she and Catie ate.

We had a little sample while we hung out at the Yacht Club parking lot waiting for Ryan to wake up.

After our treat samples, we packed up the kiddos in my double jogger and we ran to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and then back. Catie thought it was so fun to touch the little hands at the bottom of the bridge.

The kids were such good sports to tag along with us on our windy run and stay mostly happy. Ryan wasn't exactly thrilled to be there... but survived. We let both kids get out and play on the beach and in the sand too at Chrissy Fields. Ryan loved to attempt to put everything he found in the sand in his mouth but once we realized I wasn't going to let him... he just patted the sand and was happy crawling around.  

After we survived the run we said goodbye to Jessie and I trekked with the kiddos back home through Friday evening East Bay traffic. It wasn't too terrible and we got home in under 90 minutes. We got everyone clean and fed and in bed ASAP!

I'm crossing my fingers that all of our adventures will make for tired kids who sleep in tomorrow :) I won't hold my breath though! So glad that Jessie joined us for such a fun excursion today!

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