Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Ready to Go Back to School

This weekend we said goodbye to summer with a little celebrating. We had a "Kindergarten will be a blast!" rocket party for Andrew and some church/neighborhood buds and we headed down to Santa Cruz for some fun at the beach.

You can read all of the party details over on my blog Toddler Approved.

Our favorite spot in Santa Cruz is Natural Bridges. The weather was exquisite and baby Ryan was in heaven climbing mounds of sand.

The beach trip was awesome other than when Catie almost cracked her head open at our favorite ice cream place- Mariannes. If you haven't been there... you must go... just make sure your kids don't act like crazy like ours did.

I have about a gazillion more photos from the beach that I need to share on here... but the ones above are my favorites. We also hit up Upper Crust for some yummy pizza in between the beach and ice cream.

On Sunday I attempted to orchestrate a cute Back to School family dinner celebration that was a bust. The kids acted crazy and couldn't sit still or eat... so we made no family goals for the school year or did anything special. Instead we scrapped my plan and just made chocolate rockets to blast Andrew off to Kindergarten. At least we kept with the family motto-- "Enjoy the journey, stop for treats."

On Monday night we celebrate the last day of summer with a trip to Shark Day at school (to find out Andrew's new teacher and get a tour of the school). Then we dropped off some treats to friends and got slurpees... and then we headed to the park for a family pizza picnic.

We ended the night at home with stories and Andrew got his first Back to School Father's blessing before he hit the sack.

It was a great weekend and I think we managed to have an incredible summer.

I have been telling everyone that this is OUR year. It is going to be a fabulous one. I'm so lucky to have Kevin and my cute kiddos so that we can make it an excellent year together!

If you want to see pictures of Andrew's first day of kindergarten, check Instagram. I'll be overgramming over there all week long :) 

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Madsen Family said...

Will starts in two weeks. I can't get over it. It's full day kindergarten here, so I am going to miss him desperately. Is it full day for Andrew, too? I laugh that you said this is our year because that is what I said about this summer for us and I am saying it about this year, too. Hopefully, it's the year where I can get my act together! Ha. Hope Andrew loves kindergarten.