Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Three Crazies

All of my kids are cute... and all of them are crazy. I can't really tell you anything special we've been up to lately... but it has been a wild few weeks.

The ring leader of craziness is Ryan who now climbs and crawls everywhere. Unless he is asleep or strapped into his high chair I am on edge constantly. He loves exploring and is so happy though, so I love it.

Ryan is like a little magnet. He is so cute and happy that the big kids are drawn to him and they love to play with him. Sometimes I wish they didn't want to play with him so much... because it stresses me out, but they are really sweet and cute together.

Catie is especially good at bringing him things to play with-- like marbles, acorns, small balls, etc. :)

Lately the kids love having Ryan climb on them. This morning they did this on the ground at the park too. Having their baby brother crawl on them is way cooler than the playground.

Andrew also loves to make a bridge and then have it collapse on Catie when she crawls under it. The aftermath isn't pretty... yet this is repeated again and again because it is fun?

Lately Andrew will play Legos in his room for 2-3 hours by himself. He also comes up with the craziest intricate craft projects and activities. He is really interested in doing his reading work in the evenings right now (maybe because I was a slacker all summer and we are just pulling it out now...). He is obsessed with Star Wars... everything else just isn't as cool. He has read two Star Wars chapter books with Kevin so far and that reading time before bed is the highlight of the day. Andrew will also clean his room if I turn it into a competition against me & Catie and usually I don't even have to help... unless it looks like this. Creativity = messy...

Catie is in a stage that I have a love/hate relationship with. She is very emotional but also very sweet. She has tantrums that are crazier than any ones Andrew ever had and yesterday she even head butted the wall. It freaked me out a bit. She also makes it a habit of screaming at strangers if they talk to her or try and tell her to do something that she doesn't want to do... or if they even look at her the wrong way.

On the other hand, the shoe saleswomen can boss her around and Catie will do anything she says immediately. Little Catie is smitten with shoes along with all things sparkly and girly... except toys. Her favorite thing to do is carry around toys in sets of twos- one in each hand... which makes her fall down extra hard. Her favorite toys are her baby Lightning McQueen and Large Lightning McQueen.

Two bouncy balls are in close competition to the cars... someday maybe she'll wear her cute princess dresses more often... but for now I am loving her cars, balls, and trains obsessions. She does like rocking out in my shoes though.

Catie is also the best little helper and cuddle bug. She loves setting the table, putting the silverware away, and cleaning up trash. She also loves cuddles and reading stories. Catie is also the family clown. She spends practically every waking moment trying to do something to make "Baboo" (Andrew) or Ryan laugh.

Never a dull or quiet moment around here. The main reason I think I stay awake way past everyone going to bed is just so that I can enjoy my house in silence. 

These three crazies are energetic and a handful, but are so fun! I cannot imagine how life would be without their spirited little personalities. 

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