Friday, August 2, 2013

Jelly Belly and Sonoma Train Town

We are continuing to check things off our Summer Adventures List as the summer winds down and the start of school creeps closer and closer.

On Wednesday we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory and Sonoma Train Town with the Balenas!

We left for Fairfield pretty early and arrived for a tour at the Jelly Belly factory around 9:30am. The lines were short, the kiddos were cute and adorable, and we all enjoyed some jelly bellies as a mid-morning snack!

Liz with the kiddos!

Ryan was not a fan of wearing his hat... but he sure did love to eat it.

Waiting for the tour to start...

Everyone was actually really well-behaved during the tour. It was nice and loud so any whining from Ryan was muted. Catie wanted to be pushed around in the stroller which made life much easier for me since I didn't have to chase her around.

After our tour we hit up the sample bar for tastes and then we bought a big bag of belly flops (the jelly belly rejects)!

The kids relaxed and stuffed their faces and then we snagged a few more photos at the factory before we headed off to Sonoma for Train Town!

Sonoma Train Town was adorable. I can't believe we've lived in the East Bay for almost four years and we've never been. Crazy! 

The kids were in heaven and Liz and I had fun running around after them.

Our hands down favorite part was when we got to go on the train ride around the park. It was the coolest train ride I've ever been on with a stop halfway through to get out and explore a hidden train town with minature shops and buildings so that the kids can do some pretend play. It was ADORABLE.

We ended the day with a scenic drive around downtown Sonoma and lunch at Subway (filled with lots of screaming and tantrums by my adorable 2 year old).

After that we drove home and then broke in to our big bag of belly flops!

What a great day! So glad we got to go on another adventure with the Balenas! Hopefully we have time to squeeze in a few more summer excursions next week!

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