Saturday, July 27, 2013

Palo Alto Reunions With Friends & the Fourth of July

One of the best parts about my parents living in Provo (besides having them so close by) is that so many people we know go to Utah during the year and often pass through Provo and SLC!

When we were in Utah a few weeks ago we got to visit with several friends from our Palo Alto single days that have since moved away from Northern California.

Our first day in Utah the Hayes family stopped by to say hi and goodbye as they trekked back to SoCal. We loved getting to meet adorable Graham and the kids all got to play with Jude while we snacked on yummy bagels and diet coke.

I've mentioned this before... but I'll mention it again... I love when my friends marry awesome people. It makes me so happy. 

Jeff and Meredith got married in Newport about three years ago- remember this post about the trip where we forgot Andrew's shoes and then the wedding reception where everyone thought I was Elise? Jeff and Meredith know how to throw a great party.

We love them. It was fun to chat and catch up a bit.

Elise trekked down with her girls so that we could all hang out together. 

Here are all the cute kiddos...

Olivia, Jude, Maddie, Graham, Andrew, Catie, and Ryan (not pictured bc he was napping)

Here's a picture of the cute babies checking each other out.

Later in the week Elise invited us up to her house and hosted a delicious Fourth of July brunch!

Bruce & Christie Edwards (more awesome favorite friends from Palo Alto single days) came over with their two kids- Bodie and Tristan. The Edwards just moved to Utah, so hopefully we'll get to see a lot more of them now!

Caffee girls

We started off the day with playing and lots and lots of food. Elise made this rich and gooey brownie trifle. Yum!

Christie made the most yummy and adorable dessert (flag one below). It was so good that I didn't manage to get a picture before someone had already snagged a piece. Mmm!

The kiddos actually sat for a few minutes and ate and then they got crazy in the backyard with water!

Elise made sure to have plenty of festive snacks on hand too.

Ryan and Tristan are only a few months apart, so it was fun to get them together.

Andrew and Catie and the Caffee girls had a blast with Bodie. He loved the water!!

After lots of good food and splashing, we finally wrapped up the party right before the kiddos started melting down and needing naps.

So excited that Bruce & Christie are somewhere closer now where we'll get to see them regularly! We loved hanging out with them back when they were newly married and dating too. Remember this post about beautiful wedding in Seattle?

Crazy how time flies. I still feel like it was just yesterday when Kevin and I were playing against each other in a mini-lacrosse tournament in Bruce's Palo Alto back yard. 

Can't wait for more get togethers again soon!

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Meredith Hayes said...

We had so much fun getting together at your parents' beautiful home. It has been such a great thing to have Jeff's friends become my friends, and especially friends that we can instantly fall into easy conversation with. I know if the I-15 hadn't been beckoning to us we could've kept going all day long. Let's make it happen again soon! North or South of the golden state, we'll have to party on soon! We'll bring the M&Ms and DC! xoxo