Saturday, July 27, 2013

San Francisco Adventure with the Balenas! {Sutro Baths & Dolores Park}

There are only a few weeks of summer left and we plan to use every second wisely!

We have several summer adventures we still want to fit in. A week or so ago we headed up to San Francisco with the Balenas to go the Sutro Baths, Dolores Park, and Bi-Rite ice cream.

I'm ready to repeat that trip any time anyone comes to visit. We had a BLAST!

The kids loved Sutro Baths. They had fun climbing around and exploring the cave and hiking a bit.

They are such adorable buddies... so they really could be happy anywhere.

I love how adventurous and active all the kids are. We hiked down pretty far and then climbed back up a really steep incline and all of them did great (other than Catie who lied down once or twice to play with the sand). We didn't have any strollers and I had Ryan in the Bjorn.

At one point I was on my hands and knees climbing up this hill because it got pretty steep and the sand kept slipping and having baby Ryan in the bjorn threw me off a bit. We hadn't realized how steep it was when we started climbing. 

It was cloudy but gorgeous.

I was so proud of Catie and what a good hiker she was! Notice her fleece, jacket, and leggings... it was cold!!

After our Sutro Baths excursion, we headed back into the city to Dolores Park. I wish we lived in this neighborhood. I would be at this park daily. It is AWESOME and exquisite.

We had a little lunch break and then we let the kids loose at the playground.

The slides were huge. The kids mostly went up and down the big slides the whole time we were there.

This one scared me to death and I finally caved and let Catie go down it and she was IN HEAVEN.

Right around the corner from Dolores Park is Bi-Rite Creamery. I've heard a lot about it, but have never been. A midday stop on a weekday is the best time to go because the line isn't outrageous. On Saturdays the line goes around the block.

We ate ice cream and Liz and I got to chat and that was the end of our SF excursion... other than the drive home.

Liz and I were roommates back in Menlo Park before we both got married. We've been exploring the city since we both moved out here over 10 years ago. We used to go on loads of adventures in SF when we were single. It is seriously so cool to go on them now with our combined six kids in tow and have an equally as fun time. I love that our kids love each other.

Can't wait till our next adventure!

On our drive home all of my kids passed out before we got on the Bay Bridge and slept the ENTIRE way home. That has never happened to me before. It was blissful. I wanted to take a nap too since I was exhausted from all the sweating and hiking... but no luck.

What a successful San Francisco adventure!

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Liz said...

That was such a fun day!! Glad we did it together!!