Friday, July 26, 2013

Ryan at 9 months

Man! I am terrible at keeping up with this blog lately because I have way too many photos and am completely overwhelmed with where to start. This summer has been way too busy!

Ryan is 9 months old tomorrow. Wowzers! I can hardly believe it.

Ryan- 9 months

Here's a look back at the little dude over the past few months...

November- 1 month

December- 2 months

January- 3 months

February- 4 months

March- 5 months

April- 6 months

May- 7 months

June- 8 months

This kid is a keeper.

For a quick comparison... here are the other two kiddos at this age

This year has been a busy and crazy one. Ryan's sweet personality is what has made it a good one. He helped me make it through a few rough months with his cuddles and smiles. Love that kid!

Here is some info about Ryan at 9 months...

- He loves to move. His favorite new places are the both sets of stairs at our house. He is also very quick. He has tumbled down our little 2 steps in the living room twice now because he's been across the room, I've grabbed something in the kitchen, and in those 2 seconds he's raced across the room. Crazy kid. I now know better and have Andrew stand guard at the stairs if I need to leave the room.

- He actually knows his name and responds by looking at me every time I say his name out loud. After he looks at me, he typically goes back to doing exactly what I told him not to do. 

- He sleeps pretty good. Thank goodness! He goes to bed around 7pm, wakes up around 6am for food and then goes back to sleep until 8 or 9am. He does a pretty good job sleeping through the loud sounds that the crazies make. He naps one or two times a day depending on our schedule and whether or not I can stand being at home that much. He doesn't sleep on the go unless the drive is 2 hours+... and then he usually only sleeps for 30 minutes because his sibs can't be quiet in the car for longer than 30 minutes. Poor kid!

- Ryan went on his first road trip- 13 hours to Utah and back. He's not a fan of the car but he survived. His favorite road trips snacks are celery, carrots, pretzel rods, puffs, lil crunchies, pieces of bread, and mum mums.

- Ryan is 20+ lbs and wears size 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

- Little dude is a total mama's boy. He's only be been babysat a few times and most haven't been really pleasant experiences. He also won't take a bottle. Our goal before he hits 12 months is to get him to take a bottle or sippy... or something... Up until now the longest I've ever left him is 2-3 hours. Good thing he is cute.

- Little dude loves basically any food that the big kids are eating. He's tried just about everything his siblings eat. He's a big fan of things he can chew. He has 4 teeth, two upper and two lower and he loves to use them to BITE! 

- Ryan's been crawling for awhile and just started sitting up on his own this past week. Hooray!

- His favorite toys are balls. He likes to bat them around like he is a little cat and follow them around the house. He also likes to play with (and eat) any small object that his siblings leave on the floor. I am constantly finger swiping his mouth to get things out of it because I can't keep up with all the beads, legos, etc. that his siblings manage to drop on the floor. 

Just thinking about how busy and active this little one is making me tired! I sure do love him!

My favorite part of the day is rocking him in his rocker right before bed in his very own little room. I love the time to just cuddle with him. 

I sure am lucky to be his mom!

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