Thursday, July 25, 2013

The House and a Possible New Obsession?

We are slowly moving into the remodeled section of our house. I haven't unpacked yet from our 2 week Utah trip (I think I must secretly be wishing we were leaving again or something...)... but at least my room looks tidy every day.

Our new bedroom set arrived the day after we got home. We have tons of things to add still- photos on the wall... lamps on the bedside tables... etc. but this is as far as it is going to go for awhile.

Up until today we had no shutters in our bathroom. So, I've taken maybe 2 showers in there since we finished the remodel (in the darkness). Now I think I'll feel a lot more comfortable using the bathroom... since I won't feel like creepers are watching me from the darkness outside.

I love our new space and feel like we moved into a new house. Now if only I could get all my stuff up there... I need a week all by myself in my house to get things situated. Someday!

Other randoms... I promised Andrew I'd post this picture of the knight he drew for his grandparents. One of the sponsors for this Virtual Book Club Summer Camp I organized for my Toddler Approved blog is Mike the Knight. We didn't know who he was until 5 weeks ago, but now the kids are a bit obsessed. They've been creating Mike the Knight missions and Andrew has been wanting to dress up like a knight and draw knight pictures too.

I am wholeheartedly supporting this behavior since I can only handle Star Wars so much.

Hooray for a possible new obsession.

In other news, Catie asked to dress up like a princess today. That was a first. Then she found a costume for Ryan too. He looks delicious! :)

More posts with loads and loads of pictures coming soon from our summer vacation and SF adventures! 

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