Sunday, July 21, 2013

Donut Falls Hike & Ice Cream

When we were out in Utah we celebrated Grandpa Allen's birthday with a a hike, trip to visit Allen's gravesite, dinner at Dickey's BBQ (where my nephew Rob works), and ice cream. 

We started off the day with a hike at Donut Falls. It was hot but awesome. One of Grandpa Allen's favorite activities was hiking with his grandkids... so it was a fitting way to celebrate his birthday.  

Baby Ryan was a champ and was super easy going and my kiddos were hiking rock stars.


Catie loved walking with the big kids and then getting carried by Kevin when she got tired. Andrew had the best time trying to hike super fast with the boys and basically climb anything he could find. He never complained and never stopped moving. Love that kid!

While Andrew climbed, Catie got dirty and wet in the streams!

All the kids with Grandma Shari!

This was our first visit to Allen's gravesite since his funeral over five years ago. It was sweet to see the kids happy and having fun together while we visited this special place. It just reminded me of the happy reunion we will all have together in heaven someday. I have no doubt that my kids got to spend some time with their Grandpa Allen in heaven before they joined us on earth. We have his photo in our living room and Catie and Andrew talk about him often. They think he is super special!

One of Grandpa Allen's other favorite things was ice cream. At his California funeral there was even an ice cream sundae bar. Our favorite way to celebrate his birthday is with ice cream. All the Buskirks and Johnsons ordered big ice cream cones and sundaes at Baskin & Robbins and we had fun sitting around chatting together.

This trip was such a great way to kick off our summer vacation in Utah!

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kt said...

Your kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful grandpa! I'm sure he is busy blessing them on the other side and I bet he loved this birthday celebration. Much love.