Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Adventures

We had a fun and somewhat busy weekend.

After a countdown of over three weeks... we finally got to go see Monsters U! Catie was SO EXCITED! She told me every day for three weeks that we were going to see the new Monsters Inc. show and that daddy and Andrew and her and me were all going and that baby Ryan got to stay home with a babysitter. She was so excited to go to the movie theater!

Catie sat on a booster and inhaled her slurpee and popcorn before we even finished the previews. She ate my milk duds too. About an hour and thirty minutes into the movie she started getting squirmy, so we went to the bathroom for a walking break.

We made it about 15 more minutes and then she just wanted to go back to the bathroom... but really she just wanted to run around in the hall. I let her run around for 10 minutes and then we made it back in for the last 5 minutes of the movie with me just standing in the back holding her.

She now asks constantly if we can go back to the movie theater.

After our movie adventure, we went home and got Ryan from the babysitter and headed to the pool! The Heymans joined us and Ryan got to hang out with his bud Pierce. They had fun crawling on one another to see who could eat the baby puffs the fastest. Andrew & Catie liked having Kate, Macy, Jenny, and Chris to swim with too!

This compilation of photos cracks me up

In the afternoon Andrew and I also did some activities for a blog project I needed to finish. We got a new vacuum for a blog campaign I'm working on with BISSELL. Since I wasn't planning to replace our really lame one anytime soon, this was a nice bonus. Since our house needed to get cleaned up anyway, it worked well that we did some activities using that vacuum. 

Saturday night was spent at the grocery store and prepping for Sunday. Kevin felt terrible for some reason, so he went to bed early. :( Poor guy!

Sunday was spent relaxing, going to a shorter than normal church service (only 1.5 hrs vs 3), and making treats for our church Elders Quorum Ice Cream Social at our house.

I totally panicked and was imagining kids taking handfuls of brownies, so I over baked  Now we have loads of yummy brownie leftovers. 

We had about ten or eleven Elders Quorum families end up coming over with their kiddos and we just kept it simple and had an ice cream sundae bar and brownies/cookies and water. The goal was to socialize and have fun and I did! Hopefully everyone else did too. I think we will need to have one or two more events this summer. It was such a nice and low-key way to spend an evening and so nice to get to chat with friends that I usually only get to wave at when we are running by one another in the halls at church on Sunday!

This next week will be chock full of fun as Andrew heads to Space Odyssey Camp at Camp Galileo! Lucky duck! Can't wait to hear all about all the fun things he does.

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