Friday, June 7, 2013

Maddie's 4th Birthday

Last week Andrew, Ryan and I took a trip to Utah for cute Madeline's birthday! I haven't used my camera for parties in awhile, so it was fun to snap far too many photos of the cute birthday girl with her friends. I forgot to blog about Andrew's birthday party from this year, so don't be surprised if you see that post pop up later this weekend too...

Here's Maddie's adorable Princess party at Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake.

Elise had such cute decorations and even had princess themed water bottles and wands (or scepters) for all the kids. The cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy were super yummy!

Maddie was SO excited when her friends started arriving. I asked her to introduce me to them and she took that job very seriously and made sure I met every single friend and their mom. She is such a social and happy little girl!

Andrew originally didn't want to make a crown, but once the party started that changed and he got down to business decorating his crown. Once it was on he wouldn't take it off.

Little Olivia is getting so big!

Andrew was SO excited to be celebrating with his cousin Maddie. These two are such good buds and are darling to listen to as they chat with one another.

After they made crowns and got dressed in princess attire (if they wanted to), they did a princess obstacle course and got to slay the dragon.

They ended with some parachute fun before they ate pizza and cupcakes.

Ryan loved watching Andrew and had fun smiling at everyone. Occasionally he let someone else hold him too. Considering he missed his nap, he was pretty content!

The kids loved riding in the giant elevator.

After the party was over, all the kids got to stay and play at the children's museum for as long as they wanted. We played for another almost 2 hours. Andrew was in heaven and loved having Aunt Jessie and Grandpa to play with him.

Happy happy belated birthday to cute Maddie! Thanks for letting us celebrate and play with you!

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