Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Almost Done

I know you're thinking... "Seriously? How are they not done yet?" but the remodel rages on.

I am thinking that other than finishing painting... we might be mostly done by the end of this week. I'm crossing my fingers. We need plantation shutters installed in our bedroom, mirrors and shower doors put in, and carpet put down. I'm sure there are some odds and ends too... but the main last thing that needs to happen is lots and lots of cleaning. I can't wait for all the dust and dirt and grime to be gone.

Here are a few pictures...

Ryan's room is done other than carpet (and someday it will also get closet organizers)

I love the color we painted our bedroom too. It is sooo cool and calm. I am going to sleep so well in there! I need to remember to get a photo of it in the daytime.

The hallway is starting to look more normal. It just needs paint and little things like outlet covers.

Light fixtures are partially installed in the bathroom and we are awaiting the mirror and shower door's arrival (were supposed to come last week, but they arrived and were scratched, so had to be sent back). :(

The bathtub is in and it works! They showed me how to operate it today and I am a little intimidated. Should be fun though.

I am really looking forward to relaxing in our new space! 

Once this is done we'll slowly start moving back in and I am vowing to only move in things that I will actually use... so hopefully we can donate a lot of stuff or sell it at the upcoming neighborhood garage sale.

I read this blog a lot and am rethinking all of the stuff we own. Now I just need about 24 more hours in every day to get stuff done!

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