Monday, May 27, 2013

Art and Wind Festival

I spent the morning volunteering at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival. Our preschool had a booth set up and I "worked" with another friend who is on the preschool board with me. We passed out fliers and let kids passing by play with playdough and bubbles at our booth. Ryan joined me and was mostly happy. It was a lot of fun!

Kevin brought the little kids over once the festival started and they roamed around playing at the park, getting kettle corn, and checking out the rides and booths.

Andrew and Catie were very excited about the free balloon creations. Andrew got a light saber... and then it blew away and he lost it... so then he got another one. Catie got a ladybug and held onto that thing for dear life.

We also let the kiddos go on a few rides before we grabbed some lunch and treats.

We enjoyed some Häagen-Dazs ice cream treats in honor of my mom's birthday.

We had quite the stroller brigade because I drove Kevin's car to the festival in the morning and only ended up having a double stroller in the trunk... and then Kevin brought a double stroller with him too. It ended up working perfectly because with coats and other bags and items we both pushed a kid and stuff and then Andrew walked and we didn't have to lug anything around over our shoulders.

We ended the day flying our newly purchased Star Wars kite before we hurried to the car as rain started the fall.

I love going to cute local events and having fun together as a family on holidays! It was also great to run into a few friends.

Happy Memorial Day!

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