Sunday, May 26, 2013

A 10K Saturday

On Wednesday night I decided to sign up for a local 10K. I ran the half marathon about 6 months after I had Catie... but I haven't been training enough to do a full half right now. The 10K ended up being perfect for my re-entry into races post-Ryan. My weekly running buddy Cara is almost 6 months pregnant and was running it too... so that left me with no excuses.

I use the term "races" in a casual way since I was in no way competing or going fast... this run was purely for fun. 

One thing I learned from this race is that I really need to buy myself some plain, cute running tops. All the t-shirts I have are super ugly.

On Saturday I woke up at 5:30am to feed Ryan and then got to the race around 6:30 to pick up stuff and then we were off around 7:15. I don't totally know what my time was, but I know I got home around 8:30/8:35, so it wasn't too fast and it wasn't too slow.

I loved this shirt that one friend running the 1/2 made

I ran with two friends and had a great time chatting. I could've run several more miles and was feeling great. 

I was greeted by my cute cheerleaders once I got home. Ryan had just woken up and had barely even known I was gone. He was SO happy to see me as were the other littles who ran around giving me hugs.

I love getting a workout in before the kiddos are up for the day... especially a fun one with friends.  

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