Friday, May 10, 2013

Lacrosse Overload

We definitely have not experienced enough lacrosse this year, so when we found out Jessie had her last LAX game of the season, we had to head down to the peninsula. Jessie is the coach of the Varsity team a M-A in MP. It was game one of the league tournament and the kiddos loved it.

The Balenas came and joined us. Kevin ran around with the big kids while Liz and I hung out with the littler kids and chatted... while also watching the game. It was a blast. (Thanks Balenas for coming to see us! Andrew is still talking about how fun it was to hang out with George)

Afterwards, we congratulated Jessie on an awesome season and took her out to dinner at our usual spot in Menlo Park- Jeffrey's Hamburgers. This trip was probably the least noteworthy of all of our visits... especially compared to the one we had last year when Andrew hit Jessie in the nose and she started profusely bleeding everywhere... and then he dropped ketchup all over too. 

Last night the only part of our dinner that was crazy was Catie. She was SO EXCITED to be around Jessie that she could barely see straight. She was giddy and giggly and goofy. Loved it.

Since we love lacrosse, we decided to continue the lacrosse fun tonight at a local HS lacrosse rivalry match. Our neighbor's son plays for the youth lacrosse league, so Andrew and Kevin headed over to the HS to watch his friend play in a mini game during half-time tonight at the HS Varsity game.

Can't wait for Andrew to get to play next year (if he is still interested)!

Andrew loved watching his bud play and then watched more of the HS game... while also mining for giant rocks (actually massive pieces of broken concrete) under the bleachers. Crazy kid.

The guys got home around 9pm freezing and full of energy. They had some hot cocoa and then we put Andrew to bed.

Such a fun few lacrosse filled days!

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