Friday, May 17, 2013

Hooray for Countertops!

Not too much to report this week. After a little drama and several prayers, the countertops and tile were finally installed! Now that they are in everything else can go in!

On Thursday morning we still didn't have countertops and I was a little annoyed. The foreman said he wasn't sure what was going on, but the slab guy wasn't returning his calls, etc. Anyways, long story short... he left and we planned on no work happening that day besides painting prep work. The kids and I said our breakfast prayer and we blessed the workers to get working hard and get our countertops in so that the rest of the remodel could get moving! Five minutes later the front door opened and the tile guy arrived. Five more minutes passed and the slab guys arrived and installed the countertops. Andrew was flipping out with excitement that Heavenly Father answered our prayers so quickly! It was such a great teaching moment! I had resigned to just be patient and stop getting annoyed about it... and then voila, my patience practice period was over!

Now we start painting on Monday!

Our bathtub also arrived. I am dreaming about taking a bath in the new jetted tub right now! It will get installed once the guys finish painting.

Last week we had people in our house every day all day... except Sunday. I'm looking for a break from that this weekend.

Ryan's room and our room just need paint, carpet, and shutters and they are done. Sometime soon we will not be living in a house full of dirt and dust. Hooray!

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