Monday, May 27, 2013

Ode to Jules

Today is my mom's birthday... so since I can't be there in person to tell her Happy Birthday, I thought I'd send her some love via my blog.

Here are some of the tops 10 things that I love about my mom or think are awesome about her in no particular order. 

The list could be endless... so I just stuck to 10.

1. She loves my dad and makes him super happy. 

Aren't they adorable?

2. If you put her and Jessie together there is really no telling what might happen. All bets are off. It gets a little crazy. 

3. She's a big NY Yankees fan and makes sure her grandkids have the proper sports attire to be fans too. :) She's also secretly brainwashing the clients where she works.

4. She's always coming up with cute crafty and creative ideas. If you're planning an event with a theme, she's your go-to gal. 

5. She likes to be with her kids and cherishes time with them. 

This is a pic of her on the phone with Scott one Christmas when he wasn't with us. He was missed! I always have FOMO if she's somewhere and I can't be there too. I love spending time with my mom because she makes all of us feel important and like we are THE favorite kid (which I am... of course :)).

6. Shopping is always fun with my mom... so we do it a lot.  It involves loads of diet coke, treats, yummy food, and chatting too. 

7. She is the coolest Senior Activities Director out there. I wish I could spend my day at Aspen.

She also looks for any and every excuse to dress up in costume or wear a crazy hat. 

8. Her laugh and smile are contagious... 

9. Her unofficial motto (courtesy of my dad) is "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing"... so she makes sure that every event gets overdone. 

From Christmas to birthdays to random holidays. You never know when a surprise will show up from mom. She also make little moments important. I love getting random cards in the mail with a sweet note from her that always seem to come at the perfect time!

Christmas at the Smiths

I loved these surprise flowers that arrived when Catie was born

10. She makes family the most important and is both Super Mom and Super Grandma. 

My kids talk about her daily, loved video chatting with her, and can't wait till they get to see her again soon! Andrew always has a bit of a meltdown when she is visiting even before she leaves town if he doesn't know when he'll get to see her next. He loves his Grandma!

Not only does she love our family, but mom's actions show that we are the most important. She is always at big events and comes to visit just for fun or for silly things too. Some months we see her in the Bay area more than once. Andrew was especially excited when Grandma and Grandpa worked their schedule so that they could make it to his 5th birthday party. It was the highlight of February.

I thought my mom was awesome growing up and now that she's a grandma I think she is even cooler. I feel so lucky that my kids get to spend time with someone who is so thoughtful, kind, loving, giving, patient, spiritual, and happy! She is such a great example to them (and me!).

Happy Birthday to hands down the most awesome mom in existence! Wish we were there to celebrate with you! We will make sure to live it up Julie-style today in your honor. Can't wait to keep the celebration going all week long and have more fun in person with you next weekend.

Love you!


kt said...

She really is a winner! What a great tribute to a great lady!

Ashley said...

I love this! I think your mom seems like so much fun. My life will not be complete til I get to come along on a shopping trip with you girls. I can tell where you get your energy/crafty/party-skills from! You are both adorable.