Monday, May 6, 2013

Closets, Knobs, and Molding... Oh My!

This week was another slow one. We are waiting for the countertop to arrive (so then we can finish tile, fixtures, painting, and mirrors), so the guys just worked on a lot of little details... which ended up amounting to a lot of work in the end now that I have pictures.

First off we tested out paint cardboard pieces for days just to double check that we like the colors we are going with... which we do. We rotated them around and around and around.

(the floor is covered with ram board... we don't have cardboard tiles)

The best part of last week was my closet. They installed everything. LOVE it! So do the kids. I am picturing loads and loads of hide and seek games where they hide for hours in there. It will look prettier with carpet and paint.


Storage space up high

My new dressers/shelves

You can't get a really good picture of the whole thing since it is kind of an L shape, but I think it is going to be my favorite part of the remodel once we are done. Now I just need to go buy some more clothes since I donated so many before we started the remodel. :)

The master bedroom and Ryan's room got windowsills

We somewhat figured out our wood floor match for the ripped up spot under the old cupboards

Kevin's closet got put in... and then taken out... and then put in again (he is more particular than me... which is so helpful!)

They added baseboards everywhere

They also got the wood paneling done... it will look nice once it is painted. Right now it looks pretty weird.

I am in love with my knobs and pulls for the bathroom drawers and cupboards.

I can tell Ryan's room is going to be a favorite. The kiddos can see into the neighbor's backyard and watch their hummingbird feeder.

I am dreaming about the day sometime soon when I get to sleep behind these solid core doors (that will eventually be painted)... and not in a room where we can hear every creak in the house (I love/hate our guest room). 

The upstairs didn't have molding... so we added that last week too. Love it.

I am IN LOVE with my new hall cabinet too. It has much deeper storage space than before and is more compact... and has no more spots for me to leave piles :)

(below is what we had before... but it was full of a printer and piles)

This week we supposedly get countertops and our accent tile and next week I think we paint.

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot imagine ever building an entire house. I would go crazy trying to decide on all of the details. 

Sometime before the end of May we will hopefully reclaim our house! Hooray!

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