Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kindergarten, School Art Show, and Swimming!

Last Wednesday Andrew got to go to "Get to know Kindergarten Day" at his school for next year. At that point he was still on the waiting list, but then we got the call on Friday that he was accepted! I'm so glad we don't have to wait all summer for that news.

He spent about thirty minutes in kindergarten writing his name, drawing a picture, writing his alphabet, and reading a story with the teachers. He also got to play in the kindergarten play yard. He is now SO EXCITED for school. Once I got there I realized I am totally nervous for him (and me). I love our little bubble that we live in for preschool/kinderprep with such a small group of people that we know and love. Elementary school is big! Should be an exciting year next year!

Last week was also super warm so we jogged down to the park to play on the splash pad almost every day.

Andrew is getting much better at listening to me when I yell while I sprint after him... so the run is getting much less stressful. It is a pretty awesome workout since he rides so fast and I need to keep up.

These two play SO WELL together just the two of them when we are at the park in the morning lately, so I've been selfish with hanging out with other kids and just let them have fun together. I love listening to them giggle (and the giggling is usually related to doing things they are not supposed to be doing).

On Thursday when it was hot we also hit up the pool with several of our favorite neighbors. ALL of the kids were having so much fun (except Ryan who thought the pool was way too cold... and he was overtired), so the adults actually got to chat quite a bit. I am really looking forward to loads of afternoons at the pool this summer!

Catie loves her water wings! 

Last week we also attended Andrew's school Art Show on Thursday evening.

He had three or four different pieces of artwork displayed and we roamed around and visited with friends from the other classes/days at school. It was so fun to see friends from our preschool class last year!

My favorite was the snail bulletin board that said "I love my mom because..." and he wrote "She gives me money for jobs" on his snail that he cut out. Ha! Love it!

The classes made homemade lemonade and cookies during cooking at school, so we got to enjoy refreshments while we wandered around at the Art show. The kiddos also got to see Pepper the snake. Catie would've been happy to stay by her cage all day.

Everyone crashed hard on the way to the car and was exhausted after such a fun night (and week!)

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