Friday, May 24, 2013

Lights and Paint {Remodel Update}

The remodel is coming along. Feel free to skip this post if you are totally done hearing about this. We were supposed to be done last week, but since the slabs were delayed, the project was delayed a bit. This week everything moved much faster.

The painter was at our house every day from 9:30am -5 or 6pm. He still probably has another week (at least) till every part of the house is done... but maybe only a week left in the remodel space?

We got lights today in Ryan's room... plus outlet covers and power!

Kevin's closet also got a light. The rest of the bathroom and my closet will get hooked up on Tuesday.

The bathroom and toilet room are painted now and some trim is done too. The fixtures are almost all in. I didn't like the shower head after all... so we're sending that back and choosing again.

The toilet and bathtub are ready to go in on Tuesday. Hooray!

Walls are all painted in all the rooms except the master bedroom. That happens Tuesday or Wednesday.

According to our foreman, we could install carpet next Saturday. We'll see if that happens... if so... that means we are SO CLOSE to being done! Hip hip hooray!

Now on to figuring out what new bedding we want to choose. Our current bedding has been well loved and it is time to say goodbye! If you have any favorite places where you find good duvet covers, pass them along! If you have a master bedroom pinterest board... share it! I need inspiration!

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kt said...

Looks amazing! Can't wait to see what bedding you choose :)