Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gazillion things I love about Catie

Catie has had a rough few months with colds, no sleep, stress dealing with the remodel, and just lots of emotions. I don't jot down enough about the entertaining times I have with her... or cute things she does.

Donut Face!
Catie is a really good sharer. She gave Andrew more than half her donut and is always trying to do nice things. She is quick to apologize and if I get hurt she runs to me immediately and says "Are you ok? I'm going to give you a cuddle."

She is obsessed with cookies, cookie dough, candy, etc. You name it, she likes it if it is a treat. She knows the differences in wrapper sounds too. There is no way to hide treats from her. She says, "cookie dough would make me so happy mom"  (substitute cookie dough with any other treat and she has probably said that too).

This girl has constant yogurt hair. She can't eat or drink without getting stuff in her hair, despite us pulling it back. She takes a lot of baths.

She loves "pix" (her name for Kix cereal).

She is my task master when we are running and she also keeps Andrew in line. I just have to run. If Andrew rides his bike too far ahead, she tells him he is going to far. If he isn't riding fast enough, she tells him to speed up. She also gives us both positive encouragement and tells us we are doing an amazing job or says "good work!"

This little girl worries about things... especially bugs. She is constantly worried about mosquito hawks and spiders. She also worries about ghosts. Her worried face is too cute.

Little miss loves dressing up, especially in this tutu from Aunt Shauna.

At night time if we hear Catie crying and go up to see what is wrong, she grabs us and says, "I wanted you to give me a cuddle." She is the best hugger EVER. Kevin and I are both guilty of going up to help her at night time just because we want her awesome hugs. Such a cutie!

Catie loves her daddy. If she sees my phone or his picture, she wants to talk to him... so we call him at work a lot. She usually thinks we are video chatting (and we are not) so tries to show his picture different things. She also loves to leave him phone messages and blow kisses and say, "love you, call me back." :)

If she is tired and I can't carry her, because I am carrying Ryan or my bag (or both plus 10 other things)... I can say, "Can I carry your hand?" and then she totally gets happy and will hand me her little hand to hold.

Lastly, Catie LOVES the worker guys at our house right now. She constantly says, "I want to go say hi to the guys." They love her in return and are always asking her questions and waving at her. She is typically not nice to most strangers... so it is so cute to see her so in love with our remodel workers. She even let one of them hold her hand and help her walk down the stairs when I was carrying tons of bags. This is a miracle considering most of the time she yells "DON'T TOUCH ME!" if you even touch a strand of her hair.

We spend most days working on avoiding saying things like, "Go away stupid," "DON'T TOUCH ME," "Leave me alone," "I'm having a hard time," ... and instead saying more positive things that actually describe what she needs help with or wants. We have a difficult time not secretly laughing at most things she says.  

Never a dull moment with this little girl around. We love her!

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