Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moving along... we've got tile, cabinets, and doors!

Last week flew by! There was loads going on at our house with the remodel and we pretty much lived in our car. The tile saw started going around 7:15am on several days... so we ended up at parks by 8am. Good thing the weather was gorgeous!

On Monday they put the shower walls in, on Tuesday they did the tub and floor, and on Wednesday they did the grout. The picture above is before the grout. I didn't get a chance to sneak a finished picture before they covered the floors and started putting the cabinets in.

I am so excited about my long counters. Right now doing my hair on my pedestal sink in the downstairs bathroom is killing me. My straightener and hair dryer are constantly falling. Can't wait till the countertops, knobs/pulls, mirrors, and fixtures arrive for this bathroom.

Here's the view from outside the bathroom. Right side are the doors to our walk in closets. Kevin's door in the first one. Mine is the one at the end on the right, after the vanity. The toilet room is in the back on the left.

They still need to add the slab on the tub, my shower wall stone accent piece, fixtures, and the tub!... plus shower glass, etc. The tile colors we went with are very neutral. I hated the tile before they put the grout on and loved it once the grout was on. Phew! And it will probably look completely different once they add the slab/decorative wall piece/glass doors. 

View from the other side of the bathroom

I really love how the shower floor turned out... such a weird thing to notice! 

They also installed my linen cupboard in the hall. It is deeper than my old cupboard and is going to be so useful! They still need to add the moulding and baseboards, etc.

And these are our exciting doors! The frames don't have trim on them yet and they need to re-build the wall still, but it is exciting to finally not just have a big hole in our wall (see photo underneath for a reminder of what this used to be a few weeks ago). They also need to paint everything so that the doors are actually white.


A few weeks ago

They also rebuilt the stucco on the outside of our house this week and framed the new windows and then just brought a lot of stuff in. These are the drawers that will go in our closets! Kevin's favorite part about all the drawers is that you can't slam them. They have soft-close drawer glides.

So, that's our remodel progress (for the few of you reading/scanning pictures)!!

Nothing much else interesting in the master bedroom or Ryan's room. They'll bring our plantation shutters over eventually and they need to do trim, carpet, paint, and other final things... but all of that will be quick. The bathroom and closets are the main spots that have work left.


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The Mostess said...

I'm excited to see all of your progress! You're in the home stretch!!