Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Excitement.. wink, wink.

We sure know how to party around here...

Here's what we were up to this weekend (ours started on Thursday since Andrew didn't go to school that day and doesn't have school Friday. Four day weekends are the best!)

Andrew had dental IV sedation on Thursday morning. He got two teeth pulled and some cavities filled and the best route to get it all done without him flipping out was to knock him out. If you want to hear the whole story, ask me about it in person. He recovered great (after being super sad and tired when the anesthesia wore off). Now I have a visible reminder of what a terrible parent I am every day when the little dude smiles and his two bottom teeth are missing. On the bright side, the tooth fairy came, so that was fun.

Catie and I spent Thursday goofing around while Andrew watched tv and recovered... and Ryan napped for 3 hours. Love that kid.

On Friday we took Andrew to the mall to spend his tooth money. I suggested he save it... but he really wanted a Darth Vader key chain.

He was so excited about his purchase... and then had buyer's remorse. It was pretty funny.

We also went shopping for clothes for Ryan. I know he has clothes (lots of them)... but I don't know where they all go. Maybe they are in the black hole that is my car? Either way, the kid doubles in size daily I feel... so we grabbed him some new 9 month old sized clothes since when Andrew was that size it was summer... and it is still chilly here.

Friday we spent the afternoon at the park with friends.

Saturday we watched General Conference and shopped for carpet for our bedroom, Ryan's room, and our closets while Andrew was at a b-day party. It was lovely to not have him running all over the store.

We had take-out lunch from Chilli's, played at the park, and then the kids spent the rest of the evening looking for slugs in our backyard while Kevin was at Priesthood.

The other highlight of the weekend was organizing our kitchen cupboards. Kevin and I are total nerds... because we actually like working on projects like this together. It is so much easier to do as a team than alone. Next we need to tackle my craft cupboards (if I can convince Kev to help me :)).

Sunday we watched more conference, made a fort, made coffee cake, went on a family walk, and played in the backyard together.

Bug hunt

We ended the night with a major dish and sweeping party so that we could start off the week happily with less dust and dirt everywhere. 

We loved conference and can't wait to re-watch and read some of the talks later this week. What an uplifting weekend!!

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Ashley said...

So funny about Andrews smile being a reminder of your bad motherhood. If it makes you feel better, the first time I took Charlie and max to the dentist they both had eight cavities! Benny had yet to go--I'm terrified. Love that Andrew had buyer's remorse!