Friday, April 19, 2013

Sickos, Some Randoms, and Some Reflux

This little one came down with a cold last weekend. Unfortunately it is still lingering and has made it a one stop tantrum shop almost all day every day with this cutie. Colds are no fun... especially when it is almost 80 degrees!

Since the workers come so early anyway and no one sleeps in at our house anymore, I might as well get up and workout. I went and worked out at 6:15am several days last week (which means I have to wake up at 5:45 to feed Ryan before I go). Despite being frustrated with the grumpy attitude by little miss above, I was so much more energized and happy because of my workouts! The workouts also made me feel ok about having a few extra treats... here are the mini brownie trifles we made for dessert on Wednesday night. Yum!

When Catie's cold mostly went away we started hanging out with friends again more regularly. Catie had a blast with little E several days last week and now gets confused if we go to the park in the morning and E isn't coming with us. I have the best videos of these two bouncing around and playing freeze dance.

Crazy Andrew finally got a haircut... hooray!

We wore swim suits or played in water and drenched our clothes on two different days this week. I am SO EXCITED for Summer to arrive!

Little man unfortunately got Catie's cold. All of her loving finally passed germs onto little dude. I don't think I've ever had a kid get sick before they turned one. Poor Ryan! His pleasant and happy personality can only handle so much and we finally saw his super fussy side this week, which was sad. Not only did he get a cold, but the doctor also seems to think he has a bit of reflux... so the combo is pretty lame and has resulted in lots of projectile spit up and late night wake ups for me. Super gross and sad! Little dude seems to be getting a little bit happier though, so hopefully he'll get feeling better soon. 

The rest of the week was pretty boring. We spent most days going to two parks in the morning, coming home for naps/quiet time while Andrew was at school, and then going back out to another park after Andrew's school. I can barely stay awake after 9pm I am so tired from all the running around.

Let's hope the sickos get 100% better asap.

Next up... a remodel update!

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