Saturday, April 20, 2013

Colors & Shower frame!

This week was a pretty slow week with regards to the remodel.

They built the frame for our jacuzzi and built the shower and then we had several inspections.

I got a little surprise when I came home on Monday and discovered our kitchen ceiling cracked and paint falling down and a few nails coming through the ceiling. Whoops! I think the guys dropped something heavy that then fell between the floorboards and it bumped a few things. Now they'll get to paint/fix our ceilings too. :) 

The tub base got put in/

The guys also mixed concrete and built the shower...

Today we met with some color ladies to discuss room colors/design and try and figure out paint colors that work with the tile and slab we already chose... since Kevin and I are terrible at making decisions. This is the tile/slab we have.... I'm excited to see it once it is in the space because it will look totally different.... and hopefully will work? Hard to know with small samples of everything. We'll know next week after tile is in!  

(center big tile piece is a portion of our accent shower wall)

I love the colors we ended up picking for the master bedroom, Ryan's room, and the bathroom. I think they are all going to flow really nicely together and work perfectly with the tile/slab we picked. Green in Ryan's room, gray/blue in ours, and two varying neutrals in the bathroom. We're going to upgrade our bedroom set sometime soon too (when our budget bounces back) so that will make the room look even more pulled together. The furniture style we like is in my color board below.

(master bed/bath colors)

Only a few weeks left until they are hopefully all done!

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Ashley said...

The tiles and colors look gorgeous! It would be very hard for me to make those decisions. I love the idea board for your room--can't wait to see it all come together!