Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in Review

Last week was filled with some relaxing, some busyness, and lots of fun!

Here's a run down of how the week went... 


Park Day all morning with friends! 

Painting time with Catie while Ryan napped and Andrew was at school

Lots of rolling for Ryan

Errands and then Preschool Board Mtg from 6pm till 10:30pm- EXHAUSTING!


Early morning run

Park Day with friends at a new park all morning 

Lots of water table play in the afternoon

Youth activity in the evening with the Police Department.


Started off the morning with soccer in the backyard at 9am. Ryan giggled every time we said "POW" and kicked the ball into the goal... so we had to do that again and again and again.

Then I dove into reorganizing the craft cupboards- ugh!

We also did a bunch of crafts and activities as we discovered new-to-me supplies that had been hidden.

Ice cream date with Catie in the afternoon

I love watching her and Ryan interact. She LOVES him so much!

Lots of water play in the afternoon because it was SO HOT (for April)!

Kinderprep Mom's night out after Kevin got home... So lovely to enjoy good food and conversation with friends!

The only downside of going out was that I wasn't totally done with the craft cupboard reorganization yet... so finished that once I got home. I worked from 10:30pm- 1am. I am so happy I did it but it made for an exhausting Thursday!


We were boring and just stayed home and did crafts, watched tv, and chilled in our pjs Thursday morning. The workers weren't there (bc paint was drying) so it was nice to have our house to ourselves for a bit. I especially loved getting to have Catie go to quiet time while Ryan napped in the afternoon. The hour I had to myself to do dishes and veg on the couch was blissful. 

In the afternoon after Kinderprep we played lacrosse with neighbor friends (mostly the kids ran around and we attempted to have them try some things... but mostly they just ran around).

Thursday night we had our Stake RS Birthday Celebration. I only made it to one of the classes, but loved it and then really enjoyed chit-chatting with friends for a long time afterwards while we ate dessert.

Then I stayed up far too late working on a blog post about Bullying.


I spent Friday early morning hiking/running with a few friends... and some cows. The views were gorgeous as the sun was rising and it is always so nice to have good friends to chat with while trying to push myself to work out a bit harder.

We spent the morning at the park with friends. The kiddos collected snails (ick!) and then just had a blast playing together while the moms attempted to chat.

After that we headed to Super Franks for the rest of the day (bc the workers were at our house all day with smelly texturing stuff that we wanted to avoid)

Andrew was a super climber. Ryan loved watching the kids and actually took a great nap despite the craziness. Catie was even pretty chill despite her personal space challenges. It was an exhausting but lovely afternoon. 


Kevin let me sleep in a bit (since I was up every 3 hours with a teething Ryan... or sick Catie) and he made a delicious waffle breakfast.

Then we played and cleaned and Kevin and Andrew helped a friend move.

Our painter was also at the house all day painting... 

Catie and I went on a mommy/daughter date to Target to buy swim suits, groceries, and a few organizational things for my craft cupboard. She loved her ICEE and just chatted at me while we shopped. I loved it.

At the end of the night we had a family date to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The food was yummy and the gazillion screens on the walls (plus our iPad) kept the kids entertained. We'll definitely be going back.

It was lovely to be at an actual restaurant with all of our kids and not have it be a nightmare :) 


Kevin let me sleep in until 9am. I was up at 12am and 6am with Ryan... but that was it... so all the sleep I got was amazing!

Catie was coming down with a cold yesterday and was in full blown cold zone today so we relaxed with her and Kevin and I took turns going to church while the other one hung out at home with her (and Ryan).

I loved this pic of Ryan... I thought he was asleep... guess not?

This afternoon we hunted for bugs, made paper airplanes, did some bug painting, and made scotcheroos.

My favorite part of the week was that we accomplished some of the goals I'd set...

  • We had family dinner together every night. Most nights that meant we didn't eat until 6:30pm when Kevin got home, but that's not that late. It is so nice that Catie can go to bed closer to 7:15 now so she actually sees Kevin.

  • We read scriptures with Andrew every night. He is super excited about the Book of Mormon and asks some really cute questions. We read from the grown up version and then summarize it for him a bit. He really gets into the stories.

  • We actually did some organizing at our house (backyard, craft cupboard, food cupboards... progress!!) 
  • We went on a Fun Friday adventure to Super Franks (I wanted to surprise the kids and go somewhere fun... and we did!)
  • Went running several times last week (not 4 times like I wanted... but I'm making progress at getting back to my more regular schedule of 4-5 times per week).
  • Had screen free uninterrupted playtime with the kids for an hour each afternoon- no instagram, no phone calls, etc. Fortunately that goal wasn't too hard. My kids are so cute. I love time to play with them!

Hopefully next week is equally as successful!

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