Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter started off with a little iPad time while diapers got changed and breakfast preparations got started.

Then each kid found their own little Story of Easter bag (conveniently put together last year and re-discovered last night... perfect timing). They were SO EXCITED about the bags (cause they thought the eggs were filled with candy) and that made me realize that the Easter Bunny had completely overdone their actual baskets since they were content with just 12 eggs... but, oh well!

We went through each of the eggs (they were numbered 1-12) and each egg had an object to represent a portion of the Easter story (sacrament cup, nail, dirt, gauze, etc.). Our little print out inside the bags had some scriptures on it (mostly for me and Kevin to reference... when the kids are older we will actually read all the scriptures).

It was nice to start out the day talking about the real purpose of Easter and retelling the Easter story. The kids really got excited opening each egg and asked some good questions.

After we did those eggs, we talked about how the Easter bunny had come and showed the kids the baskets that he had brought (they'd been hidden while we did the Easter story).

Catie was especially excited about her stuffed bunnies. The kids each got some useful items, a book, a toy, and some candy.

Ryan's basket

Kevin's Basket

Catie... begging for more treats

Andrew's basket (s)

We kept breakfast simple and just had muffins and OJ...

Then while Kevin went to music practice I attempted to get everyone ready

I was partially successful...

While Ryan and I got ready, Kevin snapped some pictures

After church we drove down to Menlo Park to have Easter dinner at Jessie's apartment. Jessie and my mom prepared lots of yummy food- fruit, chicken cordon-bleu, muffins, cheesy potatoes, and asparagus... plus brownies and cupcakes! 

After dinner we played at the park by Jessie's apartment and had an egg hunt.

The cute hosts!

Egg hunting!

Enjoying her eggs while Andrew kept hunting

Meanwhile Ryan napped the day away swaddled in Jessie's room

Andrew was declared winner of the hunt :)

After playtime at the park and the big hunt we played Uno and had treats and then we made the trek back home.

Everyone was exhausted since we got home after bedtime and went straight to sleep!

Such a fun Easter! My favorite parts of the day included spending time with our family, talking about the Savior, and listening to the beautiful music at church (including the awesome small group number Kevin and a few guys sang).

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