Friday, April 26, 2013

Take Your Kid to Work Day at Google!

Get prepared for a photo overload!! Kevin went above and beyond documenting all the fun he had with Andrew at Take Your Kid to Work Day last week! Catie can't wait till she can go next year!

On Wednesday Andrew got to take the Google shuttle down to Mtn View with Kevin for Pre-K Day at Google! It went from 9:30/10-1:30 and they had so much fun! Then they took the shuttle back home together.

Baking soda/balloon science

Kaleidoscope making


Lunch at Charleys

Hanging out with dad to see what YouTubers actually do

Just chillin in a donut...

Obviously they made sure to show the kids all the important things that their parents do everyday at Google ;)

On Friday Andrew & Kevin drove down to San Bruno to go to YouTube's very own special Take Your Kid to Work Day that lasted ALL DAY!

Andrew got an actual YouTube badge... with his picture. He was in heaven.

They asked all the kids what their parents did at YouTube every day and then had it on a video. Eat ice cream, play games, etc. were some of the things they said. Andrew said, "He works and gets money for us to keep our house." Ha!

Photo booth

Decorating his new YouTube water bottle

Training for the AZ Spring Training Trip next year with the guys

Testing out the nap pods

In serious 7th heaven by the giant astronaut

Cool dude getting ready for his music video debut

Practicing for their music video debut 
(I'll share the video once I have it)

Coloring with chalk 

Bubble guy

Lots of dessert

Bubble boy!

Cookie making

Kevin's masterpiece

Doing yoga with the friend he made
Kids even came home with their own special kid sized yoga mats

They ended the day watching Wreck-It Ralph and then drove home. Lucky ducks!

Can they make a "Take your spouse to work day"? I want to go!!

I can't find a post from last year, but this was the one from the year before. Love Google!

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