Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We've got Walls!

Welcome to our world of small space living (not really... but if we have to stay home all day it kinda feels like it). This is what our "front door" looks like these days... since the kitchen door is basically the front of our house.

We jazzed it up a bit earlier today for spring. The workers were nice to give us some ram board to leave our shoes on. The ram board is also all through our living room, dining room, stairway, and upstairs hall.

We come up with quite a lot of activities while hanging out in the family room while Ryan naps in the guest bathroom. Occasionally Andrew will go play up in his room by himself... but Catie is like my shadow during the remodel. She loves "the guys" (workers) and loves to chat with them and say hi and tell them random things and watch them... but she won't stay in a room if I am not in it now that our house is under construction (unless she is strapped in a high chair watching a show). Definitely keeps things interesting. There is so much white chalky dust all over our house right now from the drywall, so we mostly like to stay in the kitchen and family room or out of the house... and we don't like to walk around much because it just moves more dust everywhere.

Today the guys finished the drywall and they'll begin mudding and taping everything after the drywall inspection tomorrow. It is so cool to walk around in the different rooms. Catie is in love with my walk in closet. She calls it the tunnel.

Here are some pics... probably not as exciting for you all as they are for me... but we started here (remodel demolition)... so they are making good progress!

Ryan's room
(the side you can't see has a closet on it)

Master bedroom
(door on right is the pocket door leading into the bathroom)

(left side is where jacuzzi and shower will be, right side will have sink)

Kevin's walk-in-closet

View of the bathroom from the other end 
(looking towards the master bedroom)

And here's another picture of the disaster at our house as we played today...
after our crazy week last week we just wanted to stay in pjs and play all day... so we did

Here's the view from the upstairs hallway of our two new entries
(before there was just one door into the master bedroom)
Catie loved getting a chance to walk in with me 
(the guys board everything up at the end of the day so she rarely gets to go in)

So that's our progress (for all 3 of you that are interested ;))!!

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Ashley said...

I'm on of the three! It's looking great. I am so envious that you get your very own walk-in closet. And you are handling the kids so well through all this. I'd probably be living at the mall by this point.