Friday, May 17, 2013

Mom and Catie Date

Catie and I go on Mommy/Catie dates every weekend. Usually to exciting places like Target or JoAnns. ;)

Really our dates are an opportunity for Kevin to get something done in the house while Ryan naps and for me to run errands... but Catie is delighted to tag along and I love it!

Tonight I let her decide how our date would go since we got to have a Girls Night Out while the guys are at the Father/Son campout. She wanted to get orange juice at McDonalds, feed the ducks, and get a cookie. Easy peasy.

We had chicken sandwiches for dinner (plus her OJ).

Then we "rode" rides. I like how she still doesn't care when I say I don't have any money. Andrew has me figured out all ready. She makes her own entertainment wherever she goes.

This happy dude just tagged along and smiled at us and said "ga ga ga"

This little girl wanted Catie to be her friend. It was all good until she got handsy and was trying to boss Catie around too much too. She gets enough of that from Andrew and flipped out a bit. The girl's mom was nowhere to be seen, so I had a chat with her about using her words to talk to Catie and not dragging her around or grabbing her to bring her places. It didn't really sink in... but I tried.

Ryan just kept smiling.

We enjoyed our date in style. Originally Kevin was going to take his car on the Father/Son campout. I convinced him to take my disaster of a car. I think it was a win/win. This beauty didn't need to get all dirty and my car is so dirty you'd never know they used it camping!

Catie told me right when we got in that we couldn't get daddy's car dirty. He has her trained well. We ate a bite or two of our cookies outside the car before we drove home... and then we finished them on the front steps... since I don't like crumbs all over my kitchen!

I love this little cutie and have so much fun having Mommy/Catie dates with her!

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