Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Andrew's obsessions really make learning a lot of fun. All I have to do is use whatever his obsessed with and plug in a few basic skills (sight word reading, decoding, writing, math, etc.) and he loves whatever we come up with together to do or play.

I love his (mostly) positive personality and enthusiasm for learning!

Instead of cleaning up my kitchen during quiet time today, I had to share these cute pictures.

I am consciously trying to actually DO some of the activities with the kids that I pin on pinterest. :)

Today we made paperclip journals from Imagination Soup.

Catie stamped while Andrew drew all of the Star Wars characters in his little journal.

Andrew was soooo proud of his pictures and writing. He tried sounding things out himself and then he also found some of the words he didn't totally know in his Star Wars books.

I was really good about doing little mini reading lessons with Andrew back in January, but I've totally slacked on doing that since then. We do fun reading games, but I don't sit down and actually have him read that often... he mostly just reads with me or Kevin and listens. I was amazed this week at what words he actually can read. We got him this set of Star Wars Phonics readers a few weeks ago and he loves them and reads a bunch of the words. Pretty soon he probably won't need any help. So glad to see that his work at school has been helping despite my lack of focusing on it!

He can actually write on a line too (and much smaller), but for this it doesn't really matter.I just loved seeing what he created.

He's the youngest in his class right now and I know he's going to be on the younger end in kindergarten next year (he'll be 5 1/2... so that is crazy to me... Elise and I were still 4 in kindergarten), so I've been worried about that and glad to see he'll have a good foundation to start!

Catie is obsessed with Yoda. So Andrew even drew her a Yoda in her journal and she was so appreciative. It was adorable to see them working together. Poor girl will hopefully have some other interests someday... but for now her obsessions are similar to Andrew's- bugs, trains, cars, rockets, and Star Wars. :)

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