Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sleeping in Style

We are celebrating this week because everyone in our family is now sleeping in their own new rooms!

We still have decorating to do and clothes to move in, but we all get to snooze in cozy beds. Ryan's not totally sure what to do with all the space he has in his crib... after sleeping in a mini pack n play for 8 months.

He's a big fan of the mobile he inherited from Andrew and tonight he fell asleep before it stopped spinning.

Kevin and I are slowly moving into our master suite. We got a new duvet and have a bed and two night stands arriving soon. The greeny-blue paint color is so soothing and our new window shades close up so tight that we sleep insanely well. The kids actually let us sleep in till 9am the other day (since Catie was up every 1/2 an hour all night long :( ) and we woke up feeling so rested!

I love our new space and an opportunity to start fresh! Makes me feel like we moved into a completely different house. We are purging things and creating new habits that make me so happy.

I love sneaking up to our master suite to just hang out on the cozy carpet all by myself. My next goal is to actually take a bath in our new tub since that hasn't happened yet!

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Madsen Family said...

I'm so glad everyone has a place of one's own! And it looks lovely. You (or the contractors, ha) did a great job. Love the paint colors. Enjoy your new spaces!