Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This little dude started crawling. He has good eyes and spots important things like unattended Hershey kisses and tiny legos. I love how happy he is exploring.

We made homemade ice cream in a baggie. I hadn't done it before and it was a hit. It is amazing what we do when I am bored out of my mind and we are stuck at home for one reason or another.

We got carpet. Andrew's expression is exactly how I feel. It is cozy and awesome.

The kiddos were in heaven playing in the empty rooms filled with carpet.

Ryan is stoked about his new space away from the crazies.

Hopefully later this week we'll get to start moving stuff upstairs and feel settled a bit. Right now everything is so pretty I don't want to mess it up or touch it. I have a date with the jacuzzi some night this week though.

I am working on a blog project called the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp that we are kicking off next week. We're also doing an actual Book Club Summer Camp at our house with some friends for a few hours each week. We had our first get together today. It was crazy, but fun.

We celebrated Kevin's awesomeness over the weekend with several Father's Day events... including a trip to SF Creamery for dinner and dessert and a family swimming party. We also had some water gun battles and we did some diet coke/mentos explosions in our cul de sac (next time we'll use grosser soda since it felt wrong to be wasting DC). The kids absolutely adore their dad, so Catie even managed to wake up at 5:30am on Sunday because she couldn't wait any longer to celebrate him. Made for a very long, yet productive day.

Our days pretty much revolve around saying hi and bye to our painter Ernie who is at our house daily. We have also been enjoying lazy summer days catching up on movies we missed- Wreck-It Ralph and Ice Age are two current favorites. Andrew and Kevin just finished the first Star Wars book and we enjoy light saber battles daily. Grandpa even joined in last week when he was visiting.

We are loving the laziness of summer and are filling our days with playdates and trips to the park and pool. I can already tell this summer is going to go too fast!

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