Sunday, June 9, 2013

Remodel Wrap Up {Before/After}

The remodel is almost done. Hooray! The only things that are left are carpet and some painting.

Since some people never saw our bathroom/master bedroom before we started the remodel, I thought I'd post pics. These are pictures from when we bought the house, but it didn't look much different before we started the remodel... other than having a treadmill in the master bathroom instead of a glass table.

Left to right, top to bottom this is what you saw:
Landing storage, landing hallway/one large door entrance, master bedroom
Master bathroom vanity/closet, Master bathroom 2nd vanity/bathtub/shower, Master bath toilet

Here's what we did with the space that we had (about 520 sq ft). and here's what you see now... 

Left to right, top to bottom...
Tall linen cupboard on landing, two entrances on landing, Ryan's bedroom,
Master bedroom, Master bath, toilet room,
Master bathtub/shower, Master vanity, Walk-in-closet #1 (not pictured Walk-in-closet #2) 

Here are bigger sizes of some of the new pictures. Everything will look even prettier once we have carpet (hopefully Monday or Tuesday) and once we add furniture and other accents. Can't wait!

I love my new tile floor and LOVE not having a carpeted bathroom anymore!

(lightbulbs/covers still need to go up)

Ryan got upgraded from sleeping in the guest bathroom to getting to sleep in my walk-in-closet upstairs. Kevin and I are still sleeping in the downstairs guest room... but it is lovely to have Ryan so far away from the other crazy kids. This morning he slept in until 9am because he wasn't sleeping in the family room!

The absolute best part about the remodel wrapping up is that we got our house back. I didn't realize how much I've missed my house! Kevin and I have been on cloud nine since the contractors sent their cleaners over on Friday and we wound up with a spotless house by the end of the day. We are having a hard time adjusting to not having constantly dirty and dusty floors.

It is so lovely and the kids are happy to be playing the piano and running around the playroom showing Ryan all the toys. These front two rooms are the brightest rooms in our house and I didn't realize how happy all the light made me! 

We loved our contractors and are so impressed with the high quality work they did. We are already plotting our next projects... even though it will be awhile till they happen! 

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