Friday, June 7, 2013

Bike to Work Day Success!

Last Spring Kevin bought a bike and was determined to start riding it regularly. I was skeptical... since he doesn't have a lot of free time. He has loved biking though and has been biking to and from the Google shuttle stop several days a week since he bought his bike. 

A few months ago he set a goal to participate in Bike to Work day. Going from the East Bay to Mountain View didn't sound like a super easy thing (over big East Bay hills and across the Dumbarton bridge)... but he would not be deterred. 


I was so impressed with Kevin's determination to accomplish his goal. Andrew was super excited but almost slept through the big send off (and so did I). I had to wake Andrew up at 7am (which never happens... usually he's up way before then).

Little dude was so proud of his dad and told everyone about how he rode his bike all the way to Google (about 50 miles... so taking 3 hours... I think?). I bragged a bit too. We were proud!

We welcomed Kevin home with some treats and a little sign! What a great example Kevin is to our family of working hard, preparing, and accomplishing a goal! He's already planning his next biking adventure...

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