Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tangled Party

Andrew's friend from Kinderprep had her birthday party on Friday night and all the kids from Andrew's class went so it was a great way to start wrapping up the school year! It was almost like a mini end of the year party. These 11 kids have been such cute buddies all year, so it was super sweet to see how much fun they had together!

The party was Tangled themed and it was a PJ movie night, so the kids ate pizza and cupcakes and then watched Tangled and ate popcorn and red vines. Andrew was in heaven!

The birthday girl was quite the party planner and even had a schedule of events and a schedule for present opening. This is Andrew watching her open his present when it was his turn. Hysterical.

The kids got all snuggled and comfy to watch the movie while the moms headed to the kitchen to chat and eat treats. Totally my kind of party :)

Of course we also had to take loads of pictures of the kids because they looked so adorable watching the movie together.

After about 45 minutes of the movie I went home to relieve Kevin of Ryan duty and a friend brought Andrew home so he could stay and watch the end of the movie.

He has been talking about the party all weekend and loved the time he got to spend with all of his friends! I cannot believe my little guy is going to kindergarten next year! Crazy how big he is now! We have been so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community at his school for the past two years. This year was so special with a fabulous teacher and such a small class with such darling kids. They will all be missed (and I will miss the moms too!)!

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