Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Carnival 2013

Here are several photos from this year's Halloween carnival that Kevin & I hosted. It was awesome. We had about twenty families join us-- some whole families and some partial families that just brought their younger kids. It was open house style, so people came and went between 11am and 1:30pm. 

My two lovely assistants helped save the day and make my job as hostess much easier :) They ran the tattoo station and fishing game. 

The candy walk was the favorite once again. Kevin was in charge of this game and kept the kids moving. Catie was a pro and won probably 5 times in a row... sometimes legitimately... and sometimes she just ran to the spot that Kevin called. :)

We had two craft stations, candy walk, some ball games, two bounce houses (including a toddler one courtesy of the Heymans!), lots of food, the fishing game, and a tattoo station.

Many of the kids came in costume and were ADORABLE

Check out all of Catie's tattoos... she actually got more later. Eventually we had to cut her off.

So much yummy food!

Little miss was addicted to the tattoos... M was super patient with her :)

Such cute party helpers

This little walker was so adorable!

These two had fun being little buddies

My favorite photo... Catie knew I was distracted as the hostess and took the opportunity to eat any and all treats that she could get her hands on.

Kevin was my super party partner in crime. He is an excellent host, a talented decorator, and a very patient husband... especially when I started to freak out during the 30 minutes beforehand when the big bounce house and table I'd rented hadn't arrived yet.

It was seriously such a fun day! Our house was mostly cleaned up before we went to bed and we can't wait till next year! If only we could move into a new even bigger house between now and then so that we could invite even more of our friends!


Jenny said...

I LOVE that picture of Pierce walking! And the one at the end of you and Kevin and Ryan is definitely frameworthy!! Thanks for hosting such a fun event!

Julie said...

So cute. Wish we were there again like last year. The kids are getting so big!