Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Partying for Jessie's Birthday

Last weekend my parents were in town for General Conference and to just hang out with us... but also to celebrate JESSIE! We had a big crazy family birthday party for her on Sunday that was way too much fun.

We started off with some balloon volleyball.

Then we hung out and waited for Cat, Sophie & Scott to arrive. Andrew learned how to play checkers.

Mom made Jessie a super yummy cake. I used my polka dot serving plate that I made for the first time. I love it. It is perfect for birthday cakes.

Then we got ready for the games... first up Booty Bingo!

Everyone had to go around and say their favorite thing about Jessie. Everyone drew a picture on their bingo board for each thing that was said. We wound up with each board looking very different... but all telling about Jessie... and then we played BINGO! Apparently my family doesn't know how to play bingo though... there were a lot of laughs in this game... and a lot of kiddos sneaking M&Ms. It was perfect.

Next up we played a new game I invented. It is called "Where in the world is Jess?" I took photos from her instagram feed from the last year (plus a few FB photos) and printed them off. Then we gave everyone a band for their hand with a photo on it. It was kind of like Headbandz. You had to ask questions from everyone else to try and figure out which photo you had on your head and where Jessie was in the photo. 

World traveler Jessie had some great photos we got to use!

After a few games we watched a session of conference and then we continued the party afterwards with cake & ice cream!

After that we whacked the pinata for awhile... till we finally got it to break

The best part was when Jessie got whacked in the face by the pinata

Scott finally destroyed it

The last game we played was called "Dress like Jess." I had Jessie bring up some accessories from her house. Then we got into two teams and had a relay to see which team could dress like Jess the fastest. You had to put all the items on, pose for a picture, take them off... and then the next person in your group had to go... until everyone had a turn. It was so funny! Here come the blackmail pictures

Scott looks pretty good in heels

All in all the party was a blast and it was so fun to spend time with our family celebrating Jess!! We love her! 


Chrissie said...

Oh my gosh this is amazing. Your sister is lucky to be attached to such a phenomenal party planner as yourself! :) What a fun day.

Jenny said...

Those party games are SO fun and creative and perfect for Jessie! The "Where in the world is Jessie?" one is amazing, and I am cracking up at the pictures from "Dress like Jess." Especially how Kevin didn't even have a chance at getting his foot in those heels! Ha! What a nice sister to plan all of that!!

Mandy said...

Thank you for being my go-to party planner. You are
oozing with creative talent my friend!