Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little Preschool {Pumpkins}

This month I get to be Catie's preschool teacher! She was so exited to have her three little friends come over this morning for school.

When kids arrived they got to put their photo pumpkin in the pumpkin patch (I was in a rush making this... and had a few spelling mistakes... hope the kids don't look too closely) :)

Once they were checked in we played with toys! I was positive it would be hard to tear them away from playing to come to our little circle time but they barely played and just wanted to hear story after story... so we moved into circle time after a little bit and did the calendar, checked the weather, sang the days of the week song. sang ABC songs, learned about the seasons and holidays this month, counted to 20, and then read two books. We focused on letter P for Pumpkin!

They loved sitting on their spooky carpet squares too. The kids were seriously adorable. I loved my new calendar that I got from Learning Resources as part of a blog partnership payment.

For our art project we did collage pumpkins. It was the perfect open-ended project- glue, sequins, googly eyes, and buttons... and a pumpkin! They all named their pumpkins and were very possessive of them. It was funny & darling.

We also had outdoor time and rode bikes and then we had snack and practiced asking/answering questions. I loved hearing the kids answer their friend's questions while they ate snack.

We ended the day with a pumpkin number hunt and a pumpkin ball toss before we moved back to our closing circle.

For our closing circle we did some movement songs with actions and then we sang a goodbye song and then we headed into our front room to play freeze dance till moms arrived. I was shocked how quickly 2 hours flew by! I had three other things prepared that we never got to do.

Since Ryan napped for the majority of preschool, Catie loved every moment of attention she could get from me. It was cute. She loved sitting on my lap while the kids played. The little group of friends was so well behaved and so kind that there weren't any problems and there weren't really any emotional outbursts... which surprised me!

I can't wait till next week! Hopefully I am more prepared than this week!

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