Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rocking the Fun Run

Andrew's school PTA does a Fall Fun Run to raise money for the school. I am a big fan. I signed up to help out, but when no one else volunteered to lead it for our class, I ended up stepping in to be the class Fun Run lead instead of just a helper. I thought it would be a lot of work, but really it just ended up being a great way to get to know the teacher and all the other parents in the class. 

Each class had to pick an accessory to wear. I kept it simple and just bought yellow leis (the kinder class color was yellow). My committee was awesome and everyone did their jobs perfectly, so on the actual day I just got to show up, help the kids get dressed/accessorized, and then I got to help take them over for the run! It was totally low stress and a lot of fun. I even got to run with Andrew.

Andrew loved getting to see his other kindergarten and first grade buddies from other classes (like our little neighbor pictured below).

He ran about a mile and a half and was so proud of all of the money he earned for the school thanks to super star supporters in our families!

Afterwards I got to help tally up all of the laps for all of the kids and figure out how much each kid owed, etc... that was the only taxing part and it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness for calculators since my brain was zapped from no sleep the night before!

Such a great way to start off a morning!

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