Monday, September 30, 2013

So long September!

September was a great month. I have really really enjoyed getting into the routine of school. The late bird schedule is an answer to my silly prayers... and Andrew has been seriously blessed with a great teacher and lots of new friends.

It is so fun to have school events to go to! Last week we went to the Bike Rodeo and learned all the rules of the road for bike riders.

We are also training for the school Fun Run that is this Friday. I am Andrew's class coordinator for the run... and although I'm not doing anything super awesome for it (I'm too lazy), it is nice to have a reason to get to know other parents in his class better.

Catie is still loving her little preschool. Everything that is good that she talks about she says, "I learned it at preschool." Every song we hear in the car she says she learned it at preschool, every book we read at home she says she read it at preschool, etc... she seriously is in love with her preschool. She tells everyone about it.

I am slowly making progress on organizing a new little creative space for me and the kiddos- adios guest room (aka "room we piled stuff in")! I need about a week alone to make any more progress, but at least now you can enter the room.

We created a Fall activity tree. One goal we set was to have lots of play-dates to help us get to know kids in Andrew's class. It has been really fun to invite new kids over for 1:1 play-dates. I love the chance to get to know the kids and moms outside of school. I think we've had at least 6 kids over now and Andrew keeps making new lists of kids to invite. He keeps me busy!

I decided to sacrifice one afternoon nap a week (for Ryan) so that Andrew can go to basketball. Today was his first day. It was intense. The age range is kindergarten to fifth grade with one coach and about 30 kids. Andrew LOVED it. He did not stop moving for an hour. He ran and ran and ran and then ran some more. I convinced two other moms from his class to sign up their boys, so it is fun because he has two friends in class and I have two friends to chat with while they play. Catie and the other little sibs just run around on the playground.

October is always my favorite month. We have our annual Halloween Carnival, I usually have a girls trip, and we get to celebrate Halloween with lots of chocolate... and this year we get to celebrate Ryan's first birthday!! Wahoo!

Bring on October!

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