Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School BBQ

Last night we had our annual neighborhood Back to School BBQ. It was so much fun and honestly didn't require that much work other than collecting lots of money and orders over the past few weeks. I love being the social director and getting to meet all the fun people who live in our neighborhood!

We hired Fuddruckers to bring their catering truck again and it was a hit. My favorite part was that this year they also made grilled cheeses and had their special nacho cheese sauce for the french fries. I was IN HEAVEN eating unlimited french fries. If only they'd had a diet coke fountain drink machine... (next year)

Kids swam in the pool, played at the neighborhood park, and jumped in the bounce house that we rented... and the adults just had fun chatting.

We enlisted some special kid helpers to monitor the bounce house and enforce the rules (so we could enjoy the party)... and I made sure that every once in awhile there was bouncing time just for the 2-3 year olds... which meant that Catie got several opportunities to bounce with only 1-2 other kids inside.

We had a dessert potluck, which meant that we had tons and tons of dessert options. The kids were in heaven. 

Ryan had fun roaming around with me, stealing my food, trying to eat tan bark, and saying hi to lots of guests. I didn't keep a close watch on the welcome & check in table, but I'm pretty sure we had well over 200 people at the party this year (compared to about 160 last year). It was cool to see so many kids of all ages having so much fun! 

Once the clock struck 7:45pm... Kevin took the littlest kiddos home and Andrew got to stay to hang out with me till the party ended. He had a blast roaming around with his friends and hanging out in the hot tub with some older kids just listening to them chat. He thought he was pretty cool. It was adorable.

(ignore the fuzziness... someday I'll figure out how to use my camera at night properly)

After I paid the Fuddruckers guys and bounce house guy and we picked up tables and trash... we finally made it home around 9:30pm! Man was I tired! 

So fun to host another successful event! Kara, Sahar, and I never managed to grab a photo together since during the daylight I was chasing my crazies around... but I really appreciate having such helpful friends as my party buddies!

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