Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love this kid- Ryan almost 11 months

Ryan will be 11 months old in a little less than a week. I need to start giving him shrinking pills. He is growing too fast.

He is adorable and happy and pretty easy going. He will just go into the playroom by himself and play for 20-30 minutes (as long as none of the big kids are nearby). 

Sometimes he gets himself into some predicaments he can't get himself out of...

He loves to climb, crawl, push, pull up, grab, yank, and scratch. Keep your hair away from him!

Little dude is super smiley and quite the charmer (unless I pass him off to someone new)

He loves exploring... and is one of the reasons we now have a TV up much higher than before

Lately the little dude has learned a few new tricks. He can wave, he is attempting to blow kisses (though usually smacks his head with his hand instead of his face), and tonight Andrew and I think we heard him say "bye bye" (his first word).

Little dude already likes to get into trouble and be where the action is... 

Exhibit A: glass all over our floor this week when he pulled a lamp down and it sent glass flying all over the family room...

Exhibit B: not proving to be much of a rule follower... going up the slide is always more fun

He also has quite expensive tastes when it comes to teething toys...

This dude sure does keep us on our toes! Can't wait to see what is in store for us as this kiddo gets bigger! We sure love him!

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