Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Week of Firsts

We had several firsts happen this week.

On Wednesday Catie had her first day of "preschool."

I put preschool in quotes because mostly it is an opportunity for moms to get a break and kids to get some socialization and it isn't anything super structured or organized. Either way, she loved it.

We had a little photo shoot before we went. Catie is in dire need of a haircut... can you tell?

You can read about part of her preschool experience over on my Toddler Approved blog.

It ended with her slipping down the stairs and bonking her head... so if you ask her what she did at preschool that is the most important thing that she remembers. She also got to touch the chickens at my friend Jen's house.

She didn't cry when I left her and was mostly well-behaved during school... so we got to get slurpees afterwards on our way to go get Andrew at school. We also celebrated her big day with a trip to Super Franks.

While she went to preschool, Ryan and I did an hour and a half run/walk on the Ironhorse trail. It was perfect.

Another first this week was that Andrew learned to jump rope!

The PE teacher taught him hoe to jump rope and then when he got home after school and wanted to show me, I made him a cheap-o jump rope with string, felt, and duct tape. 

My favorite first from this week is that Ryan learned to drink from a sippy cup.

It has almost taken 11 months for him to drink from a bottle or a sippy. I am so stoked that he will now. I can smell my freedom!

Lastly, Andrew had his first kindergarten playdate.

There are SO MANY nice kids in his class that I think we may just have to go through the entire class list and invite every boy in the class over... and maybe even some of the girls?

Today Andrew had his friend Nate come over. Catie had fun while he was over too... which is always an added bonus.

Can' believe how quickly these kiddos are growing up! Love them!

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