Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun Friday and De-Junking

Last week was exhausting. I don't really like having a set schedule every day. I did not sufficiently enjoy our lazy days when we could all stay in pjs till 12pm. Last year Andrew didn't have school till 12:30pm which was totally more my style. Fortunately we found out he is a "late bird" so he doesn't go to school till 9:20 starting next week- hooray!

Once Friday hit we needed to celebrate surviving the week!  

In addition to making cookies we did lots of playing and lounging around in the afternoon. We had a fun pool playdate with a friend and then Andrew ended that with a giant tantrum because it was so hard to leave! I would much rather have him throw a tantrum after a playdate (with me around) than throw one at the beginning of the school day AT school... so I tried not to be overly annoyed with him. Kindergarten is tiring! I volunteered in there on Friday... so I know! 

I also spent Friday afternoon sorting through Andrew's worksheets and stuff from the week. I was pretty impressed with his coloring considering he's done a coloring page maybe two times ever. Usually he'd rather draw his own design (like make this calendar into a Star Wars ship or something) so I was impressed he actually colored it. Kindergarten sure does have a lot of coloring!

This is the lovely cutting/coloring project he had to bring home last week because he was too busy chatting to finish it. I sent it back in and his teacher was proud :) I was proud too... I don't think I would have the patience to color an entire paper with blue crayon like he did... and he did it quickly and without complaining.

They are making loads of mini books in kindergarten that they bring home and share with us and read to us. My favorite is the Mr. Book. It tells all about how not to read a book- crumple the pages, spill on it, etc. I think I am going to make my own version for Catie :)

Once I snapped photos of some of Andrew's work, I threw some of it away. Not these things... but several of his math worksheets and other coloring projects.

Am I a terrible mom? I don't want the clutter and don't want to save worksheet pages. Do you keep everything? What do you save? What do you toss? He brings stuff home every day.

In addition to de-cluttering, the kids had quiet time, I did blog work, and Ryan napped. When they were done playing separately, they went into Catie's room and played Legos nicely together for 30 minutes. I actually fell asleep on the couch and took a nap. It was insane and felt great. Ryan is up at night tons lately with teething and just bad sleep habits and I'd gotten up at 5:45am to go running... so apparently I was exhausted by the afternoon!

After naps/quiet time we ate cookies. This sneaky little devil found a chocolate chip somewhere on the floor and scarfed it right down.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazily playing around the house and then cleaning up the mess. I love this gif of Andrew and Ryan having a tinker toy light saber battle. It cracked me up.

I think Friday is going to be my new favorite day of the week! 

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Jenny said...

I only save about 10% of what comes home from Kindergarten. The clutter drives me crazy and it will be too much to sort through later if I save it all! Hopefully next week will be better with Kindergarten! It's a rough adjustment.