Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Sibling Dinner

The past week has been crazy with new schedules for our family so it was nice to return to a familiar tradition. One of my favorite traditions we started last year were monthly siblings dinners since Scott & Cat & Jessie all live in the Bay area now. I am looking forward to continuing the tradition this year!

This month we hosted a BBQ at our house and everyone brought some yummy food to contribute.

My kids had so much fun goofing around with their cute cousin Sophie!

Jessie loaded us up with fruit & veggie goodness and Ryan made sure to get blueberries on pretty much every part of his face and hair. Jessie also brought a homemade peach pie that I forgot to take a picture of!

Kevin made us Buskirks Burgers (and grilled cheeses) with his special homemade BBQ sauce. Cat & Scott brought homemade banana bread, burger fixings, and way too many delicious types of chips. Tonight I learned that Andrew is a chip addict like his mom.

I went the extra mile and provide paper plates, plastic cutlery, lots of diet coke, and a store-bought chocolate pie. ;) I thought about baking a good dessert and pinned a few... but in the end I expended too much energy being grumpy today so it didn't happen!

Having everyone come and join us for dinner was the perfect end to the day! 

Can't wait till next month!

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